Jura Terre de Louis pasteur Dole / Arbois


There are many reminders of Louis Pasteur in Arbois:

The scientist’s home and his personnal laboratory, 83 rue de Courcelles.

His secondary school : Collège Louis Pasteur

His temporary laboratories : rue Pasteur (maison Gerbet) where he worked on fermentation of wine and patented pasteurisation in 1865 and 68 rue de Courcelles (maison Vercel) where he worked in 1878 in order to write his Critical Examination of a Posthumous Work of Claude Bernard (experiment on the vineyard of Rosières).

Old cemetry where his parents, daughters and grandchildren where buried.

Arbois is the capital of Jura wine production, awarded a ?Site Remarquable du Goût? label.
Also visit the Jura Museum of Wine and Vine and the Sarret de Grozon Museum of Art.