Jura Terre de Louis pasteur Dole / Arbois

Pasteur 1822 – 2022

Louis Pasteur was born in Dole in 1822

In 2022, the Jura is about to celebrate the bicentenary of Louis Pasteur’s birth.

Bicentenary of Louis Pasteur 1822 2022

From the tannery in Dole where he was born in 1822 to this house in Arbois where he set up his personal laboratory as an adult. From his vineyard in Rosières where he did his research on wine fermentation, to the top of the hill Mont Poupet where he launchedballoons. Louis Pasteur left his mark by multiplying experiments which led to a real scientific revolution…

For the year 2022, so many must-see tours to understand the inspiration and development of this “made in Jura”chemist !

To follow all events and news regarding the bicentennial birthday of Louis Pasteur please refer to this website : https://www.pasteur2022.fr/