Jura Terre de Louis pasteur Dole / Arbois

Louis Pasteur’s house

Louis Pasteur’s house in Arbois is a unique historical site, still infused with the spirit of the scientist. The house is preserved in its original state, exactly as it was when Louis Pasteur was alive. Immersing the visitor in the life and work of the scholar.

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Pasteur continued to return to this house throughout his life; Louis Pasteur’s house in Arbois was the only one he ever owned. Little remains of the modest tannery run by his father, where he spent his childhood, as Louis Pasteur went on to transform the house into his “Château de la Cuisance”, furnishing it according to his own personal taste. Pasteur turned this home into a space that combined business and pleasure. He was able to enjoy the company of his family and friends in the living room or dining room and dedicate himself to his studies in his private laboratory. This is where he carried out his work on fermentation and developed his famous pasteurisation process. Based on his experiences in his vineyard at Montigny-les-Arsures, he definitively called into question the belief in the spontaneous generation of micro-organisms.

Explore the private world of the famous scholar in this incredibly well-preserved home. Discover his personal laboratory, preserved intact and still infused with the soul of its illustrious proprietor and with the sense of exhilaration sparked by his experiences in the Jura.

Louis Pasteur’s house : discover the digital tour !

The Maison de Louis Pasteur now has a new digital visitor guide. Borrow an iPad at reception and discover the house as you’ve never seen it before. Explore the scholar’s private world and discover all the secrets of the house through the voices of Pasteur’s friends and relatives. The guide is also available in German and English. Follow the tour to the laboratory, where you might see the scholar at work. Why not have your photo taken with him?

The Maison de Louis Pasteur can be visited independently or on a guided tour.

Open every day from school holidays in february until end of school holidays in November :
-February to April and October to November : 14h – 18h.
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-July and August : 9h30 to 18h open throughout the day.

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-Visit: 7.00 euros per person.
-Visit “passion” (for groups only): 7.00 euros per person.
Combined ticket with the birth place (Dole) 10.00 euros per person.

Maison de Louis Pasteur

Ad. 83 rue de Courcelles 39600 Arbois
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