Jura Terre de Louis pasteur Dole / Arbois

Louis Pasteur’s birth house

On the banks of the Canal des Tanneurs, the house where Louis Pasteur was born is the place where the destiny of this famous French scholar began.

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This house in Dole presents Pasteur’s scientific work in a fun and attractive exhibition which explores each of his specialist fields of knowledge. Although chiefly known for his discovery of the rabies vaccine, Louis Pasteur also worked in a number of very different areas, studying a variety of subjects such as crystals, silkworm diseases and fermentation in wine and beer. The exhibition presents personal objects and documents to show how Louis Pasteur, a native son of Dole, became the ultimate scientist, known throughout the world.

As the first museum dedicated to Pasteur in France, the house where Louis Pasteur was born has played a central role in the creation of his legend. Louis Pasteur himself unveiled a plaque on the façade of the house towards the end of his life, which tells us that he was born here. His house has helped to create the image of Pasteur as a benefactor to humankind, and has now become a space which addresses the representation of contemporary science. Pasteur’s birthplace is now more than just a museum; it is a place which explores science and the image of the scholar, a place which merges artistic, social and symbolic approaches to science, based on the work and legacy of Louis Pasteur.

The house holds scientific events throughout the school holidays, in collaboration with the Atelier Pasteur, offering a chance to view science from a different perspective. A fun and alternative way in which to reflect on the role of science today.

The Birth place of Louis Pasteur can be visited independently or on a guided tour.

Open every day from school holidays in february until end of school holidays in November : February 17th until November 3rd 2024
-February to April and October to November : 2 pm – 6 pm.
-May to September : 9:30 am – 12:30 pm and 2 pm – 6 pm.

The house may be visited outside of these opening periods by appointment.

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-Visit: 6.00 euros per person.
Combined ticket with the familial house place (Arbois) 10 euros per person. – Reduced rate 10-18 years: 4.50 euros / Students, JuraMuséesPass: 5.50 euros – Family pass: 16 euros  Desability card: 3.30 euros  – Free for children under 10

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Maison natale de Louis Pasteur

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